I was an atheist

And then I went to prison and became a Christian


Can you blame me?

Bible study was the best way to get out of the cellblock

And the Christian brothers stuck together


I saw all kinds of crazy things at bible study

Sometimes the Nation of Islam would crash it

Sitting in the back

And start heckling but end with fights, riots, flash bangs and tear gas

I saw middle class white people come from off the street

To volunteer to share the word with those of us in captivity

Hiding under the tables same table as me

Wide eyed and scared to death

While I was staring back at them, used to it and laughing

And inmates would give the most disturbing testimony

Every night you’d hear testimony like:


I kidnapped a man and his wife

And drove them to another state

And raped the wife in front of the man

And then stabbed the man in front of the wife

And then took the wife back to where they came from and stabbed her too

Thank you Jesus amen if it hadn’t been for you


The Ministers testimony involved being raped by his Uncle as a baby

And having numerous surgeries done to repair the damage to his rectum

He would conclude with how the Lord delivered him

From the wicked ways of homosexuality

Then outside of bible study you’d see him back sliding immediately

Buck naked sitting on another inmates lap

French Kissing

And the gospel music was fun

You got to stomp on top of the chow tables and make as much noise as you want

I saw exorcisms performed live by Catholic Blacks

That couldn’t comprehend Latin

But could read it aloud with enough conviction

To invoke demons but not repel them

And the list goes on


Thank you Jesus!