The Amputator


I was involved

In killers

In killing people

One guy

I cut his arm off

Above the elbow

I had a special amputation knife

That I took around with me until I got that guy

And that guy was just a joke and I left him

And then

Another guy I was supposed to just sit there

While these other people killed this guy

But then like something happened like

Like the guy didn't ask

God for forgiveness or something before he died

And so like

The people who I was with

They had to go back in time

And kill him over again to give him another chance

And I think they got it right the second time

But they also were more easily identified as being killers

It was a real weird street

And then like

There was someone that helped us get around the street

And she was a landlord of a building

And then

They were supposed to kill her

So they waited for her






But she didn't come back

And then like we wandered around the streets in like a giant circle

Never could find anyone else we were supposed to kill

But I could find the people I was supposed to amputate

No problem

The body parts always felt heavy

Their body parts always felt real weird

And I have to put 'em in bushes

Or put 'em behind trees

Or behind plants

In the plants

In the gutter

On houses things like that

Where they couldn't just find those body parts again

It was a terrible job

Kind of messy

Disgusting to look at

But God paid me pretty good

I don't remember how I was paid

I think I just kept getting magical money appearing in my bank account when I do it

When I do the jobs

I wanted to move to a different town though I was starting to wear out my welcome