Another way in which I use the daily self-portraits therapeutially is to face my fears. Sometimes I confront irrational fears by purging them immediately once they become known to me. Other times I will challenge myself to draw while I'm experiencing the fear, in the moment, using the act of drawing as a new form of exposure therapy. Below are some of my different fears in no particular order.



 photo 1_29_96 399.jpg

Fear of testicluar cancer. Drawn in the waiting room.



 photo 2_16_96 420.jpg

Fear of an upcoming cystoscopy.



 photo 1_16_99 2006.jpg

Fear of birds. Drawn immediately after being attacked by a mocking bird.



 photo 5_30_00 2969.jpg

Fear of heights. Drawn on the edge of the roof of my 11 story apartment building.



 photo 6_1_00 2971.jpg

Fear of trains. Drawn while standing on the tracks and waiting for a train to come. It was moving so fast that I barely had time to erase myself.



 photo 7_21_01 3633.jpg

Fear of bears. Drawn while listening to them search for food in my immediate surroundings.



 photo 7_11_01 3623.jpg

Fear of rattlesnakes. Drawn as it was rattling and advancing towards me in the wild. 



 photo 10_23_01 3781.jpg

Fear of suicide by suffocation.



 photo 10_24_01 3782.jpg

Fear of beng hit by a car while riding my bke.



 photo 10_24_01 3783.jpg

Fear of death by massive head trauma.



 photo 12_27_08 7087.jpg

Fear of lung cancer.



 photo 12_21_09 7531.jpg

Fear of being in a plane crash. 



 photo 4_4_10 7666.jpg

Fear of having convulsions and seizures. I've only had a few in my life but they were extremely terrifying.



 photo 3_30_13 8972.jpg

Irrational fear of my organs falling out when I first begin to urinate.



 photo 10_5_14 9657.jpg

Fear of getting a tooth ache and not being able to afford going to the dentist.



 photo 10_11_14 9665.jpg

Fear of bed bugs.



 photo rsz_13_4_15_9731b.jpg

Fear of getting beheaded by ISIS.



 photo rsz_4_2_16_10309.jpg

Fear of being in a bulding collapse.



 photo rsz_12_2_15_10158_1.jpg

Fear of spontaneous voiding.



 photo 4_3_16 10310.jpg

Irrational fear of stabbing myself in the neck with a pair scissors.


 photo 4_4_16 10311.jpg

Analysis and interpretation of a recurring fearful phenomenon.