Because they can contain so much information I often think of the daily self-portraits as data. While I was reviewing a bunch of my headache self-portraits one day I decided to put that idea to use and see what kind of statistics I could gather. Below are some interesting facts and a large selesction of images.


In the last 22 years I have made 135 images of 122 severe headaches as they occurred.

Six of these headaches lasted longer than a day but only one event lasted 3 days.

In 2000 and 2003 I only had 1 headache throughout the entire year. I had the most headaches (12) in 1999. 

Only 4% of my headaches have occurred in the month of October.

April and November tied with having the most headaches, 15 each, or 12.29%.

Nearly 1/3 of all of my headaches have occurred during the Winter months while only 1/5 have occurred during the Fall.

21.31% of my headaches were accompanied by visual disturbances. I have never had an ocular migraine during the months of June and July. 26.92% of my ocular migraines have occurred in January, and I've only had one each in September and October. 42.30% of my ocular migraines have occurred during the Winter months.

Headache experiences have accounted for 1.27% of all of my daily self-portraits and like everything in life they come in lots of different shapes and sizes and for a number of different reasons; migraine, tension, caffeine, sinus, hangover, dehydration, and even too much TV.




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