Selected Self-Portraits from Various Institutions

I'm never afraid to check myself in if I have to because I know that no matter how messed up I am at the very least I still have my book and crayons and can do drawings in these places until I feel better or they kick me out or whichever comes first. 






Broughton Hospital

(North Carolina State Mental Hospital)


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 photo 782a7d7e-c4fa-4762-8d71-8d92216c9597.jpg











Country Time Village

(North Carolina Group Home)


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 photo 12_15_01_3947.jpg



 photo 1_3_02_3980.jpg



 photo 1_5_02_3983.jpg



 photo 1_9_02_3988.jpg



 photo 1_12_02_3996.jpg



 photo 1_12_02_3999.jpg



 photo 1_12_02_4001.jpg



 photo 1_13_02_4003.jpg



 photo 1_14_02_4006.jpg



 photo 1_18_02_4022.jpg



 photo 1_18_02_4023.jpg










Westwood B

(North Carolina Group Home)


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 photo 2_16_02_4093.jpg



 photo 2_22_02_4099.jpg











Woodridge Hospital

(Tennessee Inpatient Hospital for Mental Health and Chemical Dependency)


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To be continued but I hope not.