Kinesthesia and Proprioception

When I was younger, I used to try to levitate and I would chart my progress with illustrations. I would lay on my back perfectly still for hours, making simple marks over loose outlines and silhouettes of my body whenever I felt something either on my skin or inside of me. I was translating tactile feelings and to me these marks were representaional of physical sensations, or as I called them "failures of levitation". With this intuitive type of marking system I was describing the sensation's different propreties; movement, pressure, vibration and temperature. Years later I returned to this kind of drawing and somatosensory awareness when I would use art to confront severe pain. It was then that I came across the terms kinesthesia and proprioception. The "sensations" drawings, which up until then had mostly involved pain, led to another art experiment with Nicole Bailey and was a major step forward in the continuation of this means of feeling feelings. The images below chart the evolution of my thoughts, ideas, experiments with forms, pain, and other feelings.



 photo rsz_img_0482.jpg

Sketchbook Pages "Trying to Levitate"



 photo rsz_scan_2-3.jpg

Somatosensory Key



 photo rsz_sensation_4.jpg

The Sensation of Humming (Kinesthesia)



 photo rsz_sensation_38.jpg

On Comfort Zones (Proprioception)



 photo rsz_scan-1.jpg

Isolating Pains



 photo rsz_scan_5_105337_am.jpg

Pain Flowers no. 1



 photo rsz_scan_16-1.jpg

Pain Flowers no. 3



 photo rsz_scan_11-1.jpg

Pain Abstraction (Total Suffering)



 photo rsz_sensation_31.jpg

Notations on the Biting of Oneself



 photo rsz_scan_12-1.jpg

Anatomical Study (Kinesthesia)



 photo rsz_scan_7-1.jpg

Anatomical Study (Proprioception: Temperature)



 photo rsz_scan_19-1.jpg

Sensations Occurring in the Mouth (Kinesthesia: Vibration, Motion and Pressure)



 photo rsz_scan_3-2.jpg

Kinesthetic and Proprioceptive Figure Study



 photo rsz_1scan-1.jpg

Somatosensory Inspired Surreaiist Creature



 photo rsz_1scan_1.jpg

Somatosensory Insspired Realist Creature



 photo rsz_sensation_2.jpg

Kinesthetic and Proprioceptive Self-Portrait



 photo rsz_1sensation_33.jpg

"The Need to Urinate" (from "And Other Feelings")



 photo rsz_sensation_13.jpg

"Standing in Place" (from "And Other Feelings") 



 photo rsz_sensation_14.jpg

"Lower Back Pain" (from "And Other Feelings")



 photo rsz_sensation_6.jpg

"Cold Ear / Hot Finger" (from "And Other Feelings")



 photo rsz_bryan_lewis_saunders_-_the_five_senses_1_smaller.jpg

"How a Headache Can Turn Into Nausea" (or "Vision" from "The Five Senses")



 photo rsz_1scan-2.jpg

Invoking a Deity to Fight Chronic Nociceptive Pain



 photo rsz_01a_head_caresses_-_b.jpg

"Head Caresses" (from "Sensations" w/ Nicole Bailey)



 photo rsz_07a_ear_nibbles_-_b.jpg

"Ear Nibbles" (from "Sensations" w/ Nicole Bailey)



 photo rsz_15a_tummy_caresses_-_b.jpg

"Tummy Caresses" (from "Sensations" w/ Nicole Bailey)