18 October 2009

The Belsona Academy Episode 12


Animus Chora: Spirit Receptacle

by Bryan Lewis Saunders





ANIMUS CHORA: Spirit Receptacle (Unreleased) | Bryan Lewis Saunders ©2009

Running time: 36:44

All vocals recorded while in and out of sleep.

All music created from sounds recorded during sleep, except for the frequency tones on track 1.

The white noise on track 3 was used as a sleeping aid to drown out arguing neighbors. The

music on track 5 is manipulated TV static.

Produced and mixed by Bryan Lewis Saunders.



1- The Guy Who Had A Pussy

2- Shot In The Balls

3- N2 vs. White Noise

4- We're Not Gonna Let You Go

5- God Damn Cage

6- When I Die




"My Terms" (N3)

Richer and kind, kind per view

We have to touch him on my terms

So things stay under control

We can't let him go first

And pick who and where

He gets touched

That won't work



"The Guy Who Had A Pussy"

The guy who had a pussy

In my dream in real life

And I was eating it because I like to eat


And then when he woke up

I was telling

Stacie and some girls about it

About how I was eating that guys pussy

And then he said you really

Can if you want

And then I looked down and it was a penis

And I told him

I didn't do that

I only

Went down on the pussy

And uh he said I understand

And then he came over to me later and said

You can really you can have some of that if you want

Like some of his penis

And I said that's OK I don't want

It was it, it was just a dream

And it used to be pussy




I picked my teeth apart

One at a time with my tongue

And kept all the broken chipped off pieces I'd created

In a special hidden pocket in my pants

For good luck



"Shot In The Balls" (N1)

A drum station that plays just all

Solos, drum solos and congas and

Stuff like that

I was with a girl and her ex boyfriend came in

And shot up the place and shot me

Three times in

In the balls

And he shot at her too

But he let her get away and talk her way out of it

And he shot me on the balls on the way out

But when he came back in

When she had to log back in

To the computer

And I saw him and he said he'd

That I wasn't the only one that he'd done it to

That girl's old lover too

That's when I shot him in the balls

And that was

A long time ago down the streets but...



"We're Not Gonna Let You Go" (N3)

He got shot at by the lightning twice

The time that happened before happened again

Take your invitation to invite someone else

Complete disregard for sequential time ordering of events

The body is separated

From the mind and body

But the mind and body

Are one entity

We're not gonna let you go until you have somewhere to go

So If we let you go

From here you can't go back home

Your home is still a crime scene

Do you have anywhere else

To go

If you go with either of these two men

They'll probably shoot you

And if you go with me

You gotta tell me what I need to know

So which is it

Electricity twice in the neck at night


"God Damn Cage" (N3)

Very serious effort

Very serious on his part

We'll have to catch up with him later

Before we start talking about killing God

Come on

God damn cage

I want to get out

Not watching TV helped



"Three Pictures"

There was only three pictures that meant anything to me in my life


Me, of me angry

Me afraid

And me

In love

If I trusted somebody


Bring them home and show them the pictures



"When I Die" (N1)

When I die

I'm gonna


The mind and body

By being one

With the universe

I'm gonna go back

To being part of the universe


Of the mind and body that

Give you troubles

They won't anymore

When you're dead

I like


I like the tomatoes

I like life


You don't know

You don't know

Anything about it