26 June 2010

Bryan Lewis Saunders & Hostage Pageant

"Near Death Experience Tour"



Mon. 09/06: Johnson City, TN  (The Hideaway: Justice Yeldham, Solypsis)

Fri. 09/10:
Cincinnati, OH  (Mockbee via Bunk: Realicide, Highgate)

Sat. 09/11: 
Dayton, OH   (Goat Shed: Orgasmic Response Unit, Teeth Collection, Girlface Girl, Capital Hemorrhage, Plasmic Formations, Mandible, I Am Foresight)
Sun. 09/12: Ann Arbor, MI  (Far House: Andrew Coltrane)

Mon. 09/13:  Dayton, OH, MI  (Battery Cages: Exquisite Sonic Corpse)

Tues. 09/14:  Athens, OH  (TBA: Nyodene D, Vivi C. Diem, Bobb Hatt

Wed. 09/15: Cleveland, OH  (Now That's Class: Shadow Self, Fascist Insect)

Thur. 09/16:  Buffalo, NY  (The Funeral Home: Pacing, VWLS, Poverty Hymns, Gregorian Knights)

Fri. 09/17: Pittsburgh, PA (Secret Location: The Shop: Requiem, Illusion of Safety, Travis Bird & Dan Burke, Requiem, Hunted Creatures)

Sat. 09/18: Harrisburg, PA  (Moviate: Emma Cora)
Sun. 09/19: 
Philadelphia, PA  (JR's: HNY, Drums Like Machine Guns)
Mon. 09/20:  Wilmington, DE  (Secret Location: Joe Breittenbach, Vales, Raw Kale, Weed Wolf)

Tues. 09/21: Richmond, VA (The Triple: Headmolt, Positivland, TBA)

Wed. 09/23: Atlanta, GA (Eyedrum: Hopi Torvald, Graham Moore)


Bryan Lewis Saunders

(b.1969, in Washington D.C.) is an underground  poet, storyteller, videographer and performance artist.  His vocal interventions accompanied by experimental music and videos are what he calls 'Stand-Up Tragedy ': whereas the comics try to make you laugh, Saunders tries to make you cry. Explorer of the human tragedy, he subjects American evils to the scalpel by revealing hidden aspects, seeking to make it socially acceptable to show pain in public. It is difficult to remain insensitive in front of the extremely intense performance of Saunders, that Lydia Lunch defines as "hilarious, awful and brutally honest: and the bastard son of William Burroughs, Antonin Artaud and Crispin Glover."


Hostage Pageant

Formed in the cold months of early 2010, Hostage Pageant is a one-person noise/power electronics project based in Southwest Virginia. An audio manifestation of the negative aspects of human nature and emotions, such as self-loathing and clinical depression. With the focus being not on conceptual themes, but rather on the physical/mental reactions brought about by means of sonic manipulation. Preferring to shine a bright beam of light on the dark corners of society and the subconscious in order to illuminate what normally hides in the denied recesses of the collective psyche, unseen.