LE BOBCAT (Artist's Edition)

25 March 2010





"Le Bobocat" Artist's Edition
Signed and numbered in an edition of 5, the "Le Bobcat" (Artist's Edition) comes with the following special objects to ensure a smooth dream transference:

1- "Le Bobcat" cassette with text and insert.

2- A miniature painting (6cm x 9cm) titled, "Lynx-Links". The painting comes framed and is to be placed beside the bed, facing the sleeping listener. On the back of the "Lynx-Links" is a hand written, secret "Moly-Hypnolynxagog" magic spell, to be recited before lying down for the night.

3- A genuine cat's whisker. When placed between the painting and the glass the whisker serves as an antenna to enhance the sleeping listener's tactile sense. It will also help orient the listener in sleep space as well as maintain an overall sense of balance during the dream transference.

Note: The Artist's Edition must (only) be played on repeat with headphones on while falling asleep or else it will lose it's magic.




85.00 USD + S/H (SOLD OUT)