3 May 2019



"The Interviews Vol. 1"

(58) Interviews. 268 Pages. Ltd. ed. trial proof. 




The first ten years of my career were spent in relative isolation. Except for my friends and family, nobody knew who I was or what kind of art I was making. That changed immediately once I started using social media and performing. Over the next decade, I was asked to do countless interviews. Some of the most insightful questions have arrived as the school semesters were ending. Student interviews, as well as interviews with various newspapers, blogs, zines, and magazines, have been helpful in deconstructing the reasoning behind my art projects. Having a dialogue with others and being asked questions I wouldn’t think to ask myself about my art has been really valuable.

Though I’ve done quite a few interviews, I haven’t done them all. I turned down a glamour magazine’s request for an interview because of the shockingly bad list of questions they sent me: “What is your favorite color? If you could sleep with anyone, who would it be? ...” I hung up on NPR in the middle of their interview because the interviewer had an agenda to label me “mentally ill.” Other times, I have put a great deal of thought into my answers, only to have them reduced to a two-minute read or a clickbait statement: “This Is Your Face on Drugs!” These instances inspired me to make this book of interviews containing the entirety of my responses, uncensored.

Some interviews are no longer available online. Others were published after being translated into another language. I've also included articles that originated from either in-person, video, or phone interviews where the source recordings are unavailable. They cover many subjects: performance art, drugs, found photographs, lost art, daily self-portraits, self-portrait experiments, psychological test cards, exhibitions, and more.

Putting these ten years of interviews together has been overwhelming. I've been blown away by the number of people who have found my art interesting enough to want to find out more about it and then share it with others.

I use the suffix "Vol. 1" with the hope that the curiosity will continue for decades to come. As humans, we create our own meanings, and the answers we discover are dependent upon the questions we ask. I want to thank all of the people who have asked me questions in these last ten years. You have helped me grow as an artist, and I am forever in your debt. Thank you.

-Bryan Lewis Saunders



Artist Press & Trial Proof

268 pages.





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