8 November 2019




ISSUE 4 "Under the Influence"


JND 4 Cover




Signed and Numbered

107 Pages, 130 images (newly photographed with better coloring than any other scans before)

20+ Images never before seen!

For the next issue of Just Noticeable Difference I have finally taken the time needed to present almost all of my drawings under the influence. All of these years I had misremembered how the experiment began. Reading the backs of the original drawings and notes in my sketchbooks I rediscovered the origins of this experiment. And after almost 20 years I finally took time off to answer the questions I’m always asked but skip over in interviews. How did the different drugs affect your creativity? I go into great detail about that. I have included many many stories too. Some of them are funny but I do caution that some of the stories may be a bit upsetting. This is a kickass issue! Because of the large number of big color pictures the cost of printing is almost 50$ each not even counting the shipping of them to me, but if you preorder sometime between now and Monday Dec. 2nd, I will be able to order them cheaper on Cyber Monday and in return offer them to you cheaper. But you must order before 12pm Eastern on December 2nd. I should be able to ship them to everyone by Christmas. I can not afford to order very many extra copies printed in advance. So please do not count on me having any extra issues laying around.

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